3 things you need in your life!

If you’re someone who likes things to be organized and have everything sorted out, you might be a fan of the things I’m gonna be suggesting you to get. These things are easily usable, and might help you sort out a lot of your things. Now might be a good moment to take a minute to sort out your make-up or skincare, or your closet or maybe your DVD collection. When you’ve done that get one of these tips and use them to keep everything looking neat!

Small things – box/plate/bag

If you’re one of the people who does appreciate a good looking neat space to work with you’ll love these tips. Even if you might be one to lose a lot of stuff all the time, this might be a good way to try and fix your messy lifestyle. Right now it’s about the small things. I don’t care if it’s your keys, a lipstick, loose change, earrings or a pen, you need to stop losing them. For a lot of people this can be hard, if it is, make sure you give everything a certain place where you can find it. Get a small box to put your keys in at the front door, get a beautiful plate to put your earrings on in your room, get a small make-up bag to put that lipstick in, and keep your wallet with you at all times, or use a small pocket in your bag for that.

Make-up/skincare – jars/bottles

If you’re one to use make-up and/or skincare a lot, and have a lot of it, you might know the struggle of keeping it all organized and clear to see. For things like oils, primers, foundations a bottle might be nice. You can get some of those dropper bottles and label them yourself to make it all look pulled together and clean. You can get these at a cosmetic bottles wholesale. If you want to put your moisturizers, face masks, hand cream, facial cleansers in another pot as well you can put them in another jar in the same style as the other bottles to, again, make it look pulled together.

Shoes – shoe storage

If you are like everyone else, you probably toss your shoes off your feet right after you walk into the house. Maybe you take them off in your living room or wherever you might. But whatever place you end up putting them down is probably not organized properly. You can get a shoe storage to put them in, most of the time these will only fit sneakers and loafers, but you can get special ones that fit boots if necessary. It’s a must, believe me.