6 Cities Where You Can Find the Best Foods and Drinks Around the Globe

Food and drinks are the salts of life. The saltiness is due to their essence. No one can do without them. There are cities in the world whose nature is themed around foods and drinks.

Through reviews on UK.collected.reviews, we are admitted to what these cities can offer in terms of delicacies. They also have some of the best food delivery companies. Some of them include:

1.          Tokyo, Japan:

Other than the shared interest of being the most populated city in the world, Tokyo is home to hundreds of restaurants and has the most of any cities in the world. Tokyo’ restaurants are into everything from traditional meals and drinks to modern victuals and delicacies. Their chefs blend the new world with the old and are known to provide noodles at affordable prices alongside Sushis at incredible prices. Literally, every aspect of food and drinks meets in Tokyo. You can find affordability alongside priceyness, modern walking with traditions, and so on.

2.          Lyon, France:

After Tokyo, there is Lyon in France. If you’ve not been there or know someone who has, it would be difficult to place Lyon as one of the awesome places for meals and drinks. The city offers regional cuisines alongside International ones. Most of its cuisines are marked by simplicity and the conversational efforts that went into them. Aside from that, Lyon’s restaurants offer homemade meals unlike any other, distinct in atmosphere and scent.

3.          San Sebastian, Spain:

We know Spain uses inverted exclamation and question marks. Aside from that, there is a city in that country renowned for its cuisines. That city is San Sebastian at the coast of the Bay of Biscay. In this city, what can you not get as meals? Chefs in San Sebastian offer anything from their local snacks popularly known as pintxos to fresh seafood and gourmet meals. You can find regional dishes as well as international cuisines.

4.          Marrakesh, Morocco:

Best known for its sunsets and dromedaries, Morocco is the ideal place for storytelling dishes. You hardly buy a meal and not be accompanied into the history and tradition behind them. Every day in Marrakesh is almost like a festival. From snake charmers to card players to chefs, nothing beats the enjoyment of being in this city. Have you tried a traditional Moroccan tagine? If you haven’t, you’re missing out!

5.          Louisville, USA:

In Kentucky, things are a bit unique from the other cities in the United States. Meals are mouthwatering and they reflect such diversity of humans. Cuisines speak to your heart and take more than just the casual efforts that go into other meals you know. The recipes are southern and so are the meals. Fast-food chains can be found just about anywhere you turn to.

6.          Georgetown, Malaysia:

Malaysian meals are a blend of Chinese and Indian meals and this is due to how the country is located. In Georgetown, this intersection of cultures and traditions is open to the most satisfying street food in the world. Why just eat when you can learn others’ traditions from the meals provided to you? This is exactly what Georgetown stands for.


Several cities offer incredible foods and drinks and they are unique from one another. We have provided you with 6 cities we consider best amongst them.