Cloning could make you immortal

Imagine a world in which you can clone yourself to live again from the beginning, keeping the knowledge you already have. Today, laboratories can detect whether a baby will be male or female thanks to the DNA gender test. The same DNA that is used to detect gender in babies is the same DNA that can clone a person. DNA contains the information that defines you as a person, both physically and psychologically. Besides “legal DNA testing near me“, one of the most searched phrases on Google that has to do with DNA involves the word “cloning” or some of its derivatives. Humanity has always wanted to live for many years, and achieving immortality would be a big step. Cloning could be positive for human development.

Great minds would be eternal

In every generation of babies born, there is a small percentage that will become successful entrepreneurs, researchers, or discovers things that can change the course of humanity. For example, if Tesla could have been immortal, wireless electricity would be a reality today. Although the free ones transmit knowledge from one generation to another, how each mind solves problems cannot be transmitted. That is why even in a classroom with 40 students, where everyone is studying the same subject, only a few solve the problems posed by the teacher. Immortalizing these privileged minds could help boost the development of humanity, accelerating essential discoveries with the power to travel in space at the speed of light. Instead of having to educate young students from scratch, these scholars could develop more knowledge and lead to many discoveries.

Society must overcome stigmas

For a society to evolve all people must focus on the same purpose. This is seen in developed countries where the culture favors evolution and the development of new technologies, while they saw the opposite in less developed countries. Many people frown cloning upon, especially those with strict religious principles. Although researchers have made great advances in cloning, politics, and criticism from individuals have blocked many advances. The media used, as an example, the case of Dolly, the sheep that was cloned to attack cloning. Although there is still much to be discovered, society must learn to embrace discoveries and see them as positive. It is normal for mistakes to be made in the beginning, but those mistakes will lead to a successful cloning process. Making mistakes is a natural part of human evolution and is what leads to discoveries that bring about changes in society.