Top 7 Men’s Clothes that are in Vogue Now

There are many who mistake following trends for having a good taste in fashion. This is a wrong misconception because the best dressed people are not always those that follow the seasonal trend.

Knowing how to dress goes beyond just putting on the latest style. You have to know the difference that exists between looking classy and looking trendy. There are men who have shared their opinions on about what contributes to a classy appearance for a man.

What you will discover from these opinions and others shared on men’s clothing stores is that men are gradually beginning to adopt some of the olden day styles. With this new year seeing a massive shift in the fashion industry, let us examine the top seven men’s clothes that are in vogue now.

1.      Floral Shirts

Many years ago, a man putting on a floral shirt didn’t sound like a good idea. However, in recent times, we have seen floral shirts become the new trend. A floral shirt with a simple short is a calm but very classic appearance which we have seen popular names like Tom Ford appear in.

2.      Bermuda Shorts

With regards to shorts, we have seen a shift from the popular names like Gucci to a longer, wider, and broader short type – the Bermuda shorts. With the right length, you can command the attention of everyone when you go out in these shorts.

3.      Vertically Striped Shirts

The simple and cost-effective vertically striped shirts are beginning to take the center stage in the market today. Not only is this style classy and simple, you don’t have to break the bank to get it. With the right color and design, this shirt can make you appear taller and slimmer. For a better appearance, go for the classic stripe option.

4.      Mid-Wash Denim

For many, there has been the search for a menswear that suits the changing weather. Fortunately, the mid-wash denim seems to be a good answer to that search. It is light, casual, and can be worn on any other outfit.

5.      Camp Collar Shirts

Whether you are in need of a corporate or casual shirt, the camp collar shirts are a great option for you to consider this season. This summer clothing style is simple, classy, and versatile. The collar design of this shirt helps to prevent your outfit from appearing bland.

6.      Oversized Outerwear

With the winter season approaching already, oversized outerwear seems to be the latest outfit for men. It offers men the ability to layer their outfit with a creative inner wear giving you all the inner depth to keep you warm during the cold.

7.      Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are known for their ruggedness and timeless appeal. As a man, a leather jacket is one of the most profitable and trendy fashion outfits you will invest in this season. After putting on a creative outfit, you can layer with a leather jacket and you are off to anywhere.

Remember that dressing well as a man goes beyond just following the latest trends. You have to be creative, futuristic, and classic in your selection of clothes. The styles that have been discussed above are those that can help you achieve simplicity and class.