Top Challenges of Working From Home and How to Overcome Them

The global health crisis we are going through has forced many employees to switch telework. Teleworking conditions are far from optimal, as reported by reviewers on BritainReviews.

We have more people today working from home than ever before. This trend is expected to continue for the near future.

Working from home simply means no time wasted on the bus, this means not having to deal with the stress of morning rush hours or the distractions of the office. But it also means a whole new set of productivity challenges is glaring at our faces.

We’ve outlined the top challenges below, along with tips on how to deal with them. Some of the challenges are;

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Working from home means you don’t have immediate access to an IT department or expert. If there is a problem with your software or hardware it is usually up to you to fix it. Unfortunately, this most often takes the form of several hours with technical supports.

That said, you can tone that down a bit by investing in the right equipment after going through home office furniture UK store reviews.


The first inconvenience is the most obvious: the loneliness that comes from confinement and working from home. Of course, in the beginning, you can be happy that you no longer have to put up with your neighbors in the open space, the erratic personality of a colleague, but it also means saying goodbye to your daily social life!

Telecommuting ultimately is a model that both frees you and robs you of relationships.


While the first commonly cited benefit of telework is work-life balance, the ability to mix personal and professional commitment from a distance comes with the famous desire to kill two birds with one stone which can sometimes go wrong.

Indeed, work schedules are made more flexible but considerable, risk is on the well-being of the employee who can work at any time, or too long resulting to a burnout.

Managerial Challenge

Most managers feel more comfortable in a face-to-face exchange than through a videoconference. From a distance, the words do not always have the same impact, misunderstandings arise more quickly.

Besides, Over time, complicity or trust will weaken almost naturally, which undermines the quality of the relationship created.

Personal and Professional Life Imbalance

In the same vein, if you stop dressing professionally and carry out your household chores at the same time as your salaried mission, you quickly risk completely blending your personal and professional life: vacuuming during a professional phone call, consulting emails, fall out of bed and go directly to your computer, without doing the needful.

Tips for a Successful Day-to-Day Work From Home

  • As far as possible, organize a professional space separate from your personal life (a room or a dedicated office)
  • Provide a good Internet connection and communication tools with your employees (chat space, file sharing, etc.)
  • Delimit fixed time slots entirely devoted to your work, as if you were in a company. Turn off your Smartphone and any potential distractions.
  • Replace what previously represented your preparation and transport time for a morning moment for you, for breakfast
  • If loneliness weighs on you, think about chatting with your friends using zoom or skype for example.

Telecommuting requires an iron discipline to maintain your productivity every day also requires having and knowing how to fend for yourself.